FwPlatinum Change Log

Version 1.00 2001-06-08 Steve Campbell
Original. Based on Fwgold (http://rotoni.com/FwGold/) by Gianluca Rotoni. It is a ground up rewrite, offering the following enhancements:

Version 1.01 2001-10-08 Steve Campbell

Version 1.02 2001-11-19 Steve Campbell

Version 1.03 2002-01-02 Steve Campbell
Compatibility changes made so that the programs will run with old versions of Perl. I've tested as far back as 5.004.

Version 1.031 2002-03-01 Steve Campbell
Fixed a bug whereby fwplat-serverd would crash when an unauthorised client tried to connect. This was due to the syslogging using severity 'warn' instead of 'warning'.

Version 1.032 2002-10-17 Steve Campbell
Update to fwplat-tabd to cope with the new table format introduced in FW-1 NG

Version 1.03.3 2002-10-17 Steve Campbell
Version 1.032 contained buggy alpha code for an upcoming new feature - this has been taken out so we just have the bug fix!

Steve Campbell <steve@computurn.com>, 10 Oct 2001